“I need help, so I left a voicemail, commented on Instagram & emailed 4 times”
Contacting us multiple times through multiple outlets can actually be very confusing and slow us down. If you have a question prior to placing an order, Instagram can be a good place to start, but if you’ve already placed an order, we ask that you please send an email to contact@hellomerch.com. This is the only way to be sure we’ll address your issue before shipping begins. Please be patient, as it can take some time to respond to everyone over the weekend.
“I purchased the wrong size on accident, can I change my order?“
Because items often sell out quickly during our major holiday sales and some sizes and styles are discontinued afterwards, no order modifications can be made at this time. If you decide to cancel your entire order prior to shipping, please email contact@hellomerch.com.
“You canceled my order, as requested, but now what I want isn’t in stock!”
As stated above, items often sell out quickly! Planning ahead and carefully reviewing your cart prior to ordering is strongly advised to avoid any disappointment.
“What size do I wear? (I normally wear a MD, but I don’t know what to order)”
Please see the sizing chart found in the images section of each product. They are very helpful.
“I read the sizing chart wrong and my item doesn’t fit. Can I exchange/return?”
We’re sorry, but all Black Friday sales are final, once shipped.
“I didn’t get a confirmation email, was my order placed?”
Often times order confirmation emails will end up in your SPAM folder. Please check there prior to contacting us.
“I placed two orders, can they ship together?”
We encourage you to purchase everything in a single order, but we will do our best to combine, should you decide to come back for more.
I had items in my cart before the sale, now they’re gone.
Adding an item to your cart DOES NOT guarantee they will be available by the time you begin the checkout process. We will not be re-stocking any sold out items during the sale, unless someone cancels an order.
“Can I use discount codes during the sale?”
Nope, all codes are disabled since everything is already at least 40% off :)
“My card was charged multiple times.”
When incorrect billing addresses are entered, or you accidentally invert the 3 digit security numbers into our system, your purchase will be declined. When this happens, you may see one or multiple pending authorizations with your bank. These are not actual charges and will likely be removed by the next business day. It’s very important to be sure you have all your correct payment information prior to going into a purchase.
“Will I be charged customs fees when purchasing from outside of the US?”
Yes, all international customers are subject to the customs laws, duties and taxes of the destination country. Multiple orders will be combined, so it is strongly advised not to place multiple orders in an attempt to dodge customs fees.
“I selected the Local Pick Up option, can I grab my stuff tonight, tomorrow, when!?”
Please sit tight. We will send you an email when your order has been packed and is ready for pick up. This will likely happen Monday or Tuesday morning.
I entered the wrong shipping or email address, can you change it?
Yes, please email contact@hellomerch.com before Monday morning and we will take care of it.
“I’m trying to place an order on my T-Mobile Sidekick.. Not the new one, the old one from the early 2000's.. and it’s not working”
If you are having trouble on ANY mobile device, please try again on a computer.
“I ordered and the prices didn’t change”
Items will be discounted at 9pm PST. It does take a minute or two for pricing changes to take effect, so please be sure the product has red sale button prior to ordering.
Other useful information can be found in our HELP page or TERMS OF SERVICE.